Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Comicon on G4 goes "Bonk" - Comic Book Rehab Issue #1D

 There's a Calvin and Hobbes book titled "Scientific Progress Goes Bonk!" 'Bonk' is the most unimpressive sound effect used for any attempt at innovation, and Bill Watterson uses it for one of Calvin's cardboard box inventions. 'Bonk' isn't even offered as a ringtone. 'Bonk' is what I use to describe G4's coverage of 2011's San Diego Comicon.
 Imagine, you're the only network on television offering 6 hours of live coverage of an event that's usually given 2-3 minutes of airtime everywhere else. You have a chance at offering something new and different - so of course you'll offer more of the same pap we can find anywhere else! Why not?
 Why not, indeed? Why not flood your first hour with coverage of video games that you often cover on your regular programming schedule? Why not flood your remaining 5 hours on endless vaccuous celebrity interviews that offer nothing controversial/insightful/interesting? Why not host the show at the dullest camera angles imaginable?
 The point is, I've learned more about what went on at the event by checking Twitter and not from what went on the air. Most of the coverage was essentially boring and the little coverage of comics was more perfunctory then informative/interesting. Coverage of this kind would be perfect for a class in Anthropology - we don't learn anything about comics, here - only that "All you really care about" translates into inane brownnosing.

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