Thursday, March 7, 2013

"The Adventure of The Sundry Scribbler - Part 2"

                                The Adventure of The Sundry Scribbler

                                                           Part 2


                                                   Joseph Adorno

The door leading into 221A had been left ajar. Holmes and I, no strangers to eerie surroundings, had our wits about us.

"Stay sharp, Watson. I fear our neighbor has had a busy night."

We tiptoed quietly, making silent gestures to each other as a muted commentary on how remarkably uncanny was 221A's resemblance to 221B.

"I wonder if Mr. Blyth has his own Mrs. Hudson ready to take our coats."

He stifled a laugh. "This could actually be a grave matter." Then he stifled another laugh. "Let's head up the stairs."

Holmes abandoned his tiptoe and deliberately marched up in a military stomp - St. George awakening the dragon from his slumber, as he once explained to me. Upon approaching the familiar door to a familiar floor in lodgings that were familiar, yet so unfamiliar, he stopped and pointed toward it.

"Notice," he whispered. Another door ajar. Either Mr. Blyth does not believe in keys - or we are walking into a mousetrap."

"But Holmes, this visit was unannounced! He couldn't possibly - "

"You're right. But his friend could. Stay behind me, Watson."

He gingerly pushed the door open. From our perspective, it appeared as if we had not travelled anywhere. We were staring at Holmes' study. But it was not.

"Remember  221A at all costs, Watson. This could be a very dangerous game."

"Of course it is," replied a voice from behind, coming from behind a potted plant by the door. "But it is one for which only I was invited to play."

The man behind the voice slowly stood up to greet us, but only discreetly. he shook Holmes' hand. "It is an honor to have you and good doctor here."

"Ah. We must apologize for intruding."

Our host waved his hand at Holmes. "No, no. 'Quite all right, 'Quite all right. I think you're in for a show. Tinker has a new card to play this evening."  He then shifted his body into an attack stance and proceeded to enter the study. "Stay there," he advised.

I tried to protest, but Holmes held me back. "Easy, Watson. We are only spectators in the world's stage."

"But Holmes! Mr. Blyth is walking into a trap!"

He smiled. "Who said that was Mr. Blyth? No, no - Mr. Blyth is actually quite safe, for he designed this trap for gracious host, who is about to enter. that man is Sexton Blake."

To Be Continued...

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