Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Magrs Method of Book Reporting

Books, books, books...Books, books, books...

Mystery writer/Doctor Who novelist Paul Magrs, on his Life On Magrs  blog (his name IS pronounced "Mars", of course), is combing through his extensive collection of books that he's hoarded in his house...and his beach house.

Define "extensive"..


Can you define what you mean by "a lot"?


X= More than one
Y= A bunch

1+X (1+Y) = A LOT :)

So, yeah...books, books, books. And he's profiling each one with a review in the form of (so far) 13 questions, which he gives 13 answers to. While the books he's selected aren't my cup of tea, I enjoyed reading his approach and thought I'd try to do the same thing with books I have. I don't believe I have too many books...kind-of-a-lot, really.

Can you define "kind-of-a-lot"?


X=A Lot
Y=A Bunch
Z= two 36-inch bookshelves & 1 dresser drawer

(X+Y)/Z= Kind-of-a-lot

I already chose three novels to read & review for this month and they're in the photo below. I finished reading the Batman book and will post a review soon. Reviews of the remaining two will follow.

What do you mean by "will follow"?


X= Will Follow
Y= Reviews
Z= Availability

3(Y+Z)= Will Follow

I hope that clears it up. :)

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