Friday, May 20, 2016

Darwyn Cooke, RIP, Cont'd...

I pulled out my copy of Batman: Animated, the coffetable Art History book from 1998 devoted to Batman: The Animated Series, because I remembered it had sample storyboards that Darwyn Cooke worked on for the sequence in "Legends of The Dark Knight" that adapted the battle between Batman and The Mutants leader from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. They do a fantastic job of invoking the suspense and mood of the comic. I really wish the actual direct-to-dvd film adaptation of the book had been animated in this style, not the cranked-out assembly line anime look that's plagued most of the films for the last decade.

I also dug up my copy of Modern Masters Volume Three: Bruce Timm, from Twomorrows Publishing, which contained the passage I had recalled from memory of Bruce Timm's observations on Darwyn's art style. Since my previous post about Cooke was quite packed, I felt like putting these images in a separate post.

Darwyn Cooke, RIP.

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