Friday, April 29, 2011

Four Color Detective Comic Book Rehab

What better way to bring up the royal wedding of Will & Kate than talking about other subject matter piquing american interest - Doctor Who. Or at least, comments I haven't read anywhere else about it.

I was introduced to Who in 2006. Public Telelvision was airing the episodes with Christopher Eccleston and from there I worked backwards into the old series and became a Tom Baker fan. I still don't have BBC America, but when all the current episodes became available to rent, I watched them.
I became a fan of David Tennant's 10th doctor and was shocked to see him leave - did he really need to follow the casting rules of the old show? Did he leave to host Masterpiece Contemporary on PBS? His performance as the Doctor followed an old rule: if the audience likes you, they will continue to watch you - even if the material is mediocre. At worst, the show attempts a kind of wholesomeness that rings false. At best, it's a fun romp. Matt Smith, the new guy at the helm, is not bad, but seems to be playing a part that's locked into formula and is competing with other derivative slumming franchises: Merlin, Twilight, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries.  I think the new show has probably run it's course and might have one more year left. Then we'll all have to find something else to watch beyond cop and medical doctor shows.

At the very least, the show breathed new life into Doctor Who Magazine, which was at risk of becoming increasing inbred and amateurish - same goes for the tie-in merchandise - novels, comics, and those overpriced audio play cd's. :)

Take care.

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