Monday, June 20, 2011

I left my brain in San Diego..Comic Con part. 6 of 7/17

Hmm... Well, assuming you haven't overstuffed on comics and toys (there are so many toys here - most are surprising editions of action figures in familiar packaging that will have you scratching your heads, dumbfounded - you know you were in the toy store, but why didn't I see THAT figure in the aisle? Of course, it's always the one you realy buy it for triple the retail, tee,hee)...

Assuming you're traveling light (still?), why not take in a show - by 'show', I mean a conference panel with your favorite writers,artists and celebrities. The famous and not-very-famous all get treated like rock stars at these panels simply because the act of showing up helps authenticate the experience even further. Be prepared for incredibly vague Q & A sessions - Nobody's ever in the mood to give much in the way of spoilers, though you are free to ask questions. I imagine the fan with the most outrageous costume raising his/her hand might get preference, but the increased attendance has made these things seem more like town hall meetings for health care and rent controlled apartments.

I mentioned comic book artists behaving like rock stars, earlier. Well, with REAL rock stars promoting their own ghost-written comics, REAL hollywood celebs offering coy teaser trailers of upcoming films and the usual car and bikini models signing photos to lumbering gentlemen with enormous backpacks...there's a fair amont of conflict...a sense that there's another rooster in the henhouse, and perhaps the comic books are getting shortchanged, but the nature of the beast suggests that any exposure is good exposure - a sign of existence, of 'being there'.  There used to be large conventions for collectors of dime novels - when's the last time anyone's heard of one?

I'll be back with the conclusion - or an announcement of an extension...;)

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