Tuesday, June 14, 2011

San Diego In my Head "Comic Con Globe Trekker Exclusive" ?

Part 4 1/2 of ten in 12...


Searching for a bathroom, waiting on line, then using it - a long more time spent doing that than waiting for this next blog entry, I tells ya'...

Ah...autographs. Very touchy. Now, let's not be naive - we have a lot of could-have-beens, neverweres, almostwases, has-beens, and maybe-in-a-parallel-dimensions sandwiching the really popular guests, but if you';ve got as many comics/kitsch as everyone here does, you've probably weighed the option of paying signing fees for their chicken scratch - even if the value of the comic may appreciate/deprectiate depending on who you're talking to. 

Also. remember how some celebrities tend to act as though they've disowned the work that made them famous? Well, THEY'RE ALL HERE - and they'll be happy to charge you for autographed photos, so be of good cheer. A word of caution: some celebrities tend to shy away from autographing racy pictures, so leave the centerfolds at home. If they have a website, check for any hints regarding autograph rules and conditions so as to avoid carrying any dead weight.

As for comic book artists, well, the same rules apply, actually. Be forewarned about any artists who claimed in the past to loathe fandom and yet show up anyway - they're soaking up what little energy from their celebrity that they can get in their waning years and get very picky about who they sign autographs for - unless your wallet is wide open or you're a member of the staff/their fan entourage. Yes, it's that sad. No names, of course. wink,wink...;)

These remarks give me the urge to hide for a while...I'll be back. Be good.

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