Friday, May 27, 2011

Jack Of Hearts guests Starring Comic Book Rehab

My Globe Trekker 'Special' part 4 - San Diego Comic Con

(I'm still chasing the along now)

Don't the confuse the multitude of Star Wars stromtroopers with adjunct security - it just seems that way. They might not be much help in finding any missing items.  ;)

In smaller shows, it's possible to find comics sold for 25 cents or 50 cents, but at a larger show like this, expect to find old and new comics sold at prices ranging from one dollar and beyond. It really pays to look around and never regret leaving empty-handed if someone beats you to an item - there's always something else to buy. I'm looking for discount prices on  used Adam West Busts - an item sold exclusively online by a small company for over a hundred dollars direct - but possibly available in used shape for just under that price, here. 

Of course, it's disconcerting to seeing comics that you know you've seen in quarter bins being offered for three dollars or more...

I'll be back with more 'footage'...check on it!

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