Monday, March 7, 2016

Art Therapy: "Batman: Hush" Coloring Book (Part 1 of 104)

"When I was a child, I thought as a child, but as an adult, I put away childish things..."

..and then we, as adults, decide, as adults...'Whatever - let's have some fun with crayons!'

DC Comics got their feet wet in the Adult Coloring Book market by offering variant "Adult Coloring Book" covers to most of their superhero comics a few months ago. Reprinting Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee's seminal Batman: Hush storyline as a series of coloring books aimed at this new trend is pretty cool..largely because I don't own a copy of the graphic novel that reprinted the story; ditto any of the original issues of Batman it premiered in. I might be reluctant to buy the upcoming coloring book that adapts Mad Love, only because I own the graphic novel of that, whereas with Hush, I get to explore that story while playing with color.

Two observations:

Bill Finger gets credited here on the first page of the coloring book for co-creating Batman "with" Bob Kane, but not on the actual title pages of reprinted from the comics...I don't think they'll ever go back and re-edit old comics to stamp Bill's name in there, but since Batman is a fictional character that will outlive us all, we'll have another 75+ years crediting Bill to even things out.

I like Catwoman's Golden-Silver Age look - the purple dress that offered gratuitous thigh shots. And the green cape. I had no reference for two minor cross-hatched details on the lower-right corner, so I just built it up as her green cape.

1 down, 103 to go.

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