Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Art Therapy: "Batman: Hush" Coloring Book (Part 2 of 104)

Pg. 2 - Legal Jargon

Boring, but necessary, at least they threw a bone by adding a moody illustration of Batman in the shadow of what looks like a graveyard..very Bronze Age Batman-esque.

I wonder if fans think of getting autographs from the people listed on this page..or similar jargon at the bottom of the first page of most comics (or maybe the last page, or inside front-cover; the format hasn't been particularly uniform for two decades, now)...surely the Vice President of "Content Strategy" would be happy to sign his name? He helps develop a strategy for the President of Content Strategy!...The content must look strategic!! ( Double (!!) Exclamation point! )

I chose an orangey Orange sunset over the grapeity Purple night sky from "The Night of The Reaper!" because I like the symmetry it has with pg. 1...I do have an intentional color pallet here, but I don't want anything written in stone...suffice to say, I'll give the orange crayon a break for the next two pages..or less heavy-lifting..

2 down, 102 to go...

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