Saturday, March 12, 2016

Art Therapy: "Batman: Hush" Coloring Book (Part 4 of 104)


No parents!

Continued Darkness!

More Darkness!

Get it?

The opposite of light!

Has anyone thought of editing scenes of the Wayne's buying the farm in various Batman movies to the tune of Lego Batman's self-composed death metal song from The Lego Movie?

On this page, Loeb & Lee are staying close to the same beat as Bill Finger's account of the Batman origin, barring a callback to Frank Miller's Batman: Year One in the fourth panel. I wanted my crayon colors to echo the color scheme of Miller's tale, which I thought really sold the atmosphere, particularly the scene where Bruce encounters the large bat, though that scene didn't play out the way it's shown here; he was sitting on the floor of his study when the bat crashed through the window of his study, not standing up.

Breaking Bad didn't exist when "Hush" premiered, but the periodic table in the background of panel 3, coupled with Bruce in a lab coat, doing generic chemistry work, had me thinking about nods to Walter White, along with memories of Jeff Matsuda's sketch for fans on Reddit of Walt and Jesse as the dynamic duo back when Bad was hot, so the coat and gloves now look like Walter's standard hazmat suit, and Bruce is holding a test tube of...crystal blue persuasion.. ;)

4 down, 100 to go...

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