Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Eightball - was a comic I read on vacation" - Comic Book Rehab

My Globe Trekker Special - San Diego Comic Con

(play along with me)

(cue title sequence)

San Diego - thousands flock here every summer - but not just for sun: they're here for the COMICS. That's right - Comic Con! Where tickets are sold out months in advance to an event that has thrived for over 30 years and survived numerous economic shakeups and changing public interests, all the while becoming a rapid-building multi-media hub for Hollywood power players giving advance notice to audiences born into the information age for a jam-packed week long event.  This is COMIC-CON!

(cue theme music montage - I'm lining up for an advanced film screening one moment, sampling corn dogs, looking for the bathroom, flirting with costumed female fans)

That's the first five minutes... I'm  rounding up 'footage' for the next half...

Check on me to see what happens next!

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