Monday, May 23, 2011

Part Three over Ten - Comic Book Rehab Tours San Diego Con

Part Three of My Globe Trekker 'Special' 

(Yes...I'm still playing along)

The most unusual free swag I've ever seen was a yellow highlighter marker promoting Eli Roth's film CABIN FEVER. It was in the shape of a hypodermic needle. Even at 23, I wouldn't want to seen waving it around anywhere - some jokes are not worth the punchline.

I feel like I've barely scratched the surface on Comic-Con 'couture' - "Hello, Sir!"

(This gentleman appears to be middle-aged and is dressed as the superhero Wolverine)

"Tell about your choice of costume - it looks great."

"I'm a huge Wolverine fan - my house is full of stuff, anything with that character. I feel like some aspects of his character that I can relate to - he's a loner, I've got three kids - but just that sense of him being that kind of guy that you might've known at one time or another - the guy sitting in the bar leaning over his drink, not saying much - I get that. I like Hugh Jackman's portrayal of the character and the costume - people used to just think he could only be played by a Robert DeNiro-type, y'know - that attitude and stuff. So I made a costume - the ones in the shops don't really have an authentic look to them - my outfit was sewn up with help from my wife - she's a seamstress. I'm really proud of it and its become my uniform for Comic-Con for several years now."

"Terrific. You're in good company - there's a lot of guys and even girls wearing their own signature Wolverine outfits."

"Oh, sure...the character has had a lot of different artists, different designs - they're all valid  interpretations."

"Nice talking with you."

"Same here."

There's a lot of that going on - for example, you could have a Peter Sellers Inspector Clouseau mingle with a Steve Martin Clouseau and a Roberto Benigni Clouseau. If I could find an empty bucket to wear over my head, I could be a Roger Moore Clouseau...

There's more 'footage' to come. Check on it!

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