Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nine columns and counting... - Comic Book Rehab

Globe Trekker Special Pt. 2 - San Diego Comic Con

(still playing along with me?)

There's a lot to do here. Many attending buy a pass for a full week. Costumed attendees may alternate between walking in-costume one day and dressing casual the next. It's best to have a plan for your stay here, because it is impossible to see EVERYTHING, unless you're thinking like me - I've got a 'blitzkrieg' approach all set.

I was thinking of arriving here dressed as Rudy Maxa or Rick Steeves, but I'm not sure if that's too dry a reference - even for here.

"Excuse me, you know where the new Milla Jovavich movie is being shown?"


He kept on walking. I kept on walking.

Look, free swag! Lots of free shopping bags for putting stuff in, as well as movie poster, buttons, magnets, patches - anything related to a new movie that's coming soon, or a dud that has a lot of overstocked merchandise warehoused for over a year - would you like a "Space Chimps" edition of MAD LIBS? There are also lots of postcards and flyers avertising a lot of upcoming conventions and shows in other places, though most are smaller than the one in standing in. I remember attending one at a Holiday Inn that was the size of my mother's apartment!

(Today I learned that while I'm cleaning the lens on a Super 8 camera, I shouldn't leave the film in the camera - which is perched precariously over the egde of a full kitchen sink.)

I'll see if I can recover more "footage" next time. Check on me while I check on it!

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